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Thursday Night Training from 6pm to 8pm is a GO!

Check out the “cool” pictures of the first Training Night!

Congrats!  Omahawks is AMA's Club of the Month for March !

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About Us

Omahawks RC Club
Welcome to the Omahawks® RC Inc. web site, we hope you browse around the site.  If you’re new to the Hobby or a veteran looking for a place to land, please take your time to browse around the Omahawks® web site to see what the Club has to offer.  If you want to learn more about this hobby, the links might be of interest to you.

The Omahawks® is the largest club of radio control Hobbyist’s in and around the local Metropolitan area.  In a partnership with the City Parks and Recreation Department the Omahawks® manages one of the premier flying fields within the country.  Hawk Field is located in the beautiful Standing Bear Lake Recreation Area entrance on 138th and Fort Street in Omaha, Nebraska.

No matter what your interests in Radio Control Flying the Omahawks® offers a wide variety of events. The Omahawks® Event calendar lists the many activities and events club and its membership sponsor. Besides the events to participate in the Omahawks® offers an excellent training program to help you learn to fly.  The training program is free to both club members and guests starting early April running to the ending of September.  Training starts at 06:00 PM ending around dusk. So come out to watch or get involved.  It’s an excellent way to be introduced to a rewarding hobby and gives you the opportunity to meet people with similar interests.  The club is also family oriented and encourages family participation, what a great way to enjoy some good family time. Use the "Contact Us" tab to express an interest in attending training night.

We look forward to seeing at the Field, until then have a safe and enjoyable flying experience.

Make-A-Wish Foundation

We support Make-A-Wish (the flag ship of support), the Boy Scouts, weekly training night and youth training.  We have been recognized by the Make a Wish foundation as a catalyst for other organizations to also support them.  Omahawks members can proudly say we have supported the Make- A-Wish organization for over 41 years and have contributed over $100,000!  Every year (except 2020), we have held a yearly Labor Day Model Air Show so that 100% of the proceeds can be funneled back to the Make-A-Wish foundation. Many members have dedicated long hours in planning and execution of this event over the years and can take pride in helping young children enjoy a special wish come true!

Gold Leader Clubs Are:

  1. Clubs must have been chartered by AMA for a minimum of five years.
  2. Club membership must be open to all AMA members and not limited to a certain number.
  3. Clubs must develop and post Safety and Operational Rules at their flying sites.
  4. Clubs must file a copy of Safety and Operational Rules at AMA Headquarters.
  5. A club’s flying field must have separate areas for fliers and spectators, clearly marked as such.
  6. The AMA Safety Code must be posted and visible at the club field.


Membership Dues:

  • Membership dues is $75 for adult membership and $10 for Junior membership (members under 19 year of age) and includes a flying permit. A non-flying membership is available for $20 and does not include a permit.
  • Membership purchased from Jan 1 to October 1 expire the end of the year that the dues is paid.
  • A reduced adult membership fee of $35 is offered between August 1 and October 1 because of the reduced flying season available.
  • Memberships purchased on or after October 1 will expire 12/31 of the following year.

Field Permit:

  • A Field Permit is required for all flying members and is included with the membership as described above.
  • The issuance of a Field Permit requires a valid and current AMA membership. This is required as an AMA Charter club and serves to provide insurance for the field the club and its members. If the AMA membership expires before the expiration of the Omahawks Membership the Field Permit is expired on the date of the AMA membership expiration. Members are responsible for notifying the Membership chairman when the AMA membership is renewed and a new Membership card will be issued.
  • FAA regulations require that all Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) be registered. One can register at the following link FAA Recreational Drone Registration (  During Omahawks membership process the member may, but is not required to, enter their FAA registration number. If included, this number will be shown on the Omahawks Membership/Permit card.



Each year the Omahawks elect Officers and Board Members to play an integral part of making this club what it is today. The following list represents the presidents of each year since the Omahawks was established.

YEAR              PRESIDENTS

2021                  Luke Hughes

2020                  Rick Sessions

2019                  Rick Sessions

2018                  Rick Sessions

2017                  Casey Vohnout

2016                  Mikey Furrow

2015                  Mikey Furrow

2014                  Steve Earl / Mikey Furrow

2013                  Bob Wheeler

2012                  Bob Wheeler

2011                  Steve Culver

2010                  E.J. Murphy

2009                  E.J. Murphy

2008                  E.J. Murphy

2007                  Steve Culver

2006                  Steve Culver

2005                  Brad Shaink

2004                  Claude Weimer

2003                  Ron Williams

2002                  Ron Williams

2001                  Ward Neesen

2000                  Ward Neesen

1999                  Larry Brown

1998                  John Feneck

1997                  Roger Bordd

1996                  Dan Walz

1995                  Skip Brown

1994                  Steve Peck

1993                  Tom Egbert

1992                  Rusty Dose

1991                  John Johnson

1990                  Steve Eveans

1989                  Fred Wilke

1988                  Fred Wilke

1987                  Ronald VanOeveren

1986                  Ronald VanOeveren

1985                  Allen Wilkinson

1984                  Skip Brown

1983                  Olie Olson

1982                  Harold Abrahamson

1981                  Gary Ross

1980                  Steve Peck

1979                  Steve Peck

1978                  Bob Hickson

1977                  Jim Albin

1976                  Dick Greenberg

1975                  Dick Ross

1974                  Larry Botkin

1973                  Larry Quigley

1972                  Ralph Brown

1971                  Olie Olson

1970                  Bob Hess

1969                  Chuck Leitch

1968                  Chuck Leitch

1967                  Ray Dehardt

1966                  Chuck Leitch

1965                  Tom Mossman

1964                  Bill Wendt

1963                  Howard Kofoed

1962                  Lynn Montgomery

1961                  Ray Valgora

1960                  Don Woods

1959                  Ken Oliver

1958                  Lynn Montgomery

1957                  Tom Mossman

1956                  Don Huldt

1955                  Leon Kresl

1954                  Paul Ennis

1953                  Paul Ennis