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Member Meeting at Hawk Field: 10/30 Dinner 5:30, Meeting 6:30pm

No Omahawks Auction This Fall...Shooting for Next Spring.

Check out the Champions Club Aviation Night 2020 Video here

George Poullos won the raffle drawing and will donate the ride to Make-A-Wish!!  Thank you George!

Make-A-Wish is the winner!  Thank you for your support through the P-51 Mustang Ride Raffle.  We have raised just over $4,600 to donate to Make-A-Wish!

Club Newsletters

 TitleCreated onUpdated OnAuthor
October 2020 Hawk Talk10/11/202010/11/2020Hunt, Joe
September 2020 Hawk Talk09/15/202009/16/2020Hunt, Joe
August 2020 Hawk Talk08/19/202008/19/2020Hunt, Joe
July 2020 Hawk Talk07/19/202007/27/2020Hunt, Joe
June 2020 Hawk Talk06/19/202006/19/2020Hunt, Joe
May 2020 Hawk Talk05/13/202005/13/2020Hunt, Joe
April 2020 Hawk Talk04/14/202004/14/2020Hunt, Joe
March 2020 Hawk Talk03/25/202003/26/2020Sessions, Rick
February 2020 HawkTalk03/21/202003/21/2020Hyde, Kevin
January 2020 Hawk Talk01/23/202003/21/2020Hyde, Kevin
December 2019 HawkTalk12/01/201903/29/2020Hyde, Kevin
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